NEWS_   4th December 2018
Westminster Abbey Service to celebrate the contribution of Christians in the Middle East_

Dr. Awn Hussein Al Khashlok participated in a ceremony organized by Westminster Abbey in the United Kingdom, attended by the Prince of Wales. This ceremony was attended by more than 1,000 guests. Prince Charles indicated in his speech, that the Middle East has always been a place where Jews, Christians and Muslims co-existed peacefully side by side. The official guide to the ceremony displayed an image of Prince Charles alongside Dr. Awn Al Khashlok as well as His Holiness the Patriarch of Antioch.

The ceremony was followed by dinner with Prince Charles, where Dr. Al Khashlok was one of the 30 personalities invited. During this dinner, Dr. Al Khashlok met with several bishops from Iraq present as well as the Archbishop of the United Kingdom. The focus of this event was to shed light on the suffering of the Iraqi Christians during the years of turmoil that witnessed the destruction of their homes and places of worship, forcing many of them to leave Iraq. The Prince of Wales attends a service to celebrate the contribution of Christians in the Middle East