The Founder_
Dr. Awn Hussein Al-Khashlok was born in Qalat Sukkar, a town in the Dhi Qar Governorate, southern Iraq, the third son of Hajji Hussein Al-Khashlok, a renowned merchant in southern Iraq.

After graduating from high school in 1979, he continued his studies in Europe, successfully receiving his BSc, Masters as well as a PhD in Civil Engineering.

Using the experience, the family have had in Iraq and the Middle East, sticking by their core values and beliefs, and established a diverse portfolio of business activities in Europe and consequently around the world.

He founded the Al Khashlok Group in 1987, following the footsteps of his father and taking the family business to a global scale.

The group’s core values vision and integrity extend from the values of its founder. Dr. Al Khashlok extends these values, not only to his professional activities, but his outlook on the world, and particularly on his homeland, Iraq. Having externally observed Iraq over the past few decades, shifting from war, to sanctions and subsequently invasion in 2003, he envisaged a process of drawing Iraqis out of decades of obscurity and isolation from the rest of the world.

With the tyranny of the past and the corruption of the present, Iraqis had lost hope in their future or the will to stand up for it.

Initially establishing one of the first post-Saddam newspapers which gave the seed for the succeeding satellite channel, Al Baghdadiya – Dr. Al Khashlok’s mission was to promote intellectual awareness amongst Iraqis of the world and more specifically the rights they had within their own country.

The channel targeted the corruption present in the Iraqi government, the elevation of freedom of expression as well as the promotion of liberal ideas.

The epitome of Dr. Al Khashlok’s vision is that the economic development, construction and social welfare of a country is the only indication of political success. In addition, a country that enjoys freedom, true democracy, a balanced political approach, respect for human rights, and advanced systems in care, health, and education are key pillars to achieve this feat. Dr. Al Khashlok does not surrender to political and social injustices. This is a joint collective effort to build Iraq, determined to liberate it from personal interest and corruption. The ultimate goal is for the Iraqi people to see their country rich in its wealth as one of the modern developed countries in education, health, social welfare and construction.