The people of Iraq have for decades suffered through wars, sanctions and tyrants and there is now a humanitarian obligation to aid fellow countrymen.

Humanitarianism has historically been a key value for the Al Khashlok family, beginning with Hajji Hussein Al Khashlok and evolving to the Awn Al Khashlok Foundation today. It began as a program supporting the poor and persecuted families in Southern Iraq and expanded into other parts of the country. The Foundation is now funded by 10 per cent of of the Al Khashlok Group’s profits.

The Foundation’s key aims and goals are;

  • Encouraging children to focus on study and reducing illiteracy
  • Promoting and guaranteeing employment for women
  • Selecting and funding talented students and helping them to continue their studies
  • Providing job opportunities in the Al Khashlok Group business
  • Aiding the elderly, orphans and those with physical and intellectual disabilities
  • Supporting struggling families with financial aid

The Foundation provides medical treatment to the children of Iraq, sending them to hospitals in Europe for treatment.

A strong relationship between the Hellenic Ministry of Health and Dr Awn Al Khashlok, has led to Greece becoming the principal destination for suffering children. This project has been ongoing for decades and will continue for the foreseeable future in the hope that, one day, Iraq’s own medical facilities will be ready to take over.

The Foundation provides medical treatment and has established multiple education centres, not limited to young people but also serving the older generations.

In addition, the Foundation has established multiple education centres, not limited to young people but also serving older generations. These centres – providing general education courses – target specifically Iraqi women giving them the ambition and opportunity to participate in their local communities as well as the national establishment.