Media & TV Broadcasting

In 2003, Al Khashlok Group established the first democratic newspaper in Iraq, named Al-Fourat. For this scope it has built major printing facilities equipped with high-standard printing machines. Another sport magazine called “Al-Malaeb” was issued with the newspaper and after two years of management, was granted to the Iraqi Olympic Committee.

The Group’s founder, being socially active and concerned for the public welfare, visualized creating a large Media Entity which will work as a model of the free Media. He established Al Baghdadia Satellite TV channel in 2005,, which was transformed into a Media Group to absorb the technological and social evolution. Al-Baghdadia is an independent and professional channel, which adheres to Iraqi national identity as a whole, and helps the restoration of national sovereignty by building a free, democratic system which recognizes the intellectual and political pluralism, ethnicities and religions. At the same time, it’s an astute believer in one’s individual fundamental freedoms and a defender of human rights.

In 2012, Al Baghdadia Media Group launches its second channel, B2, broadcasting mainly series, drama, movies and entertainment. since then Al Baghdadia 2 is first entertainment channel in Iraq.