Humanitarianism has been an evolving concept historically but universally it is a common element in its evolution. Being a reputable family in the region and following their traditions and values, Al Khashlok family began a concealed program to support the poor and persecuted families of the South which broadened with confidentiality and spread beyond the southern region. Al Khashlok family, supports all the families in need living in Iraq.

Al Khashlok family decided to establish the Foundation, naming it Al Hussein Foundation related to humanitarian activities started by Hajj Hussein Al Khashlok, and funding it with 10% of the Group’s profits.

The plans of the foundation are:

  • To ensure families, elderly men and women, with financial aid
  • To aid the children of Iraq, mainly the orphans and handicapped.
  • To encourage women to work by giving them work opportunities, depending on each region
  • To reduce Illiteracy in Iraq, encouraging the children to study in schools.
  • To cover medical treatment for people in need, especially elderly, inside and outside Iraq.
  • To select the first graduated students and grant them the opportunity to continue their studies.
  • To provide job opportunities for graduated through Al Khashlok Group Business.

Al Khashlok Group provides medical treatment to children in Iraq, in the neighboring countries and Europe. Especially in Greece, and in coordination with Dr. Al Khashlok, The Hellenic Ministry of Health, is giving all the support needed to bring suffering children from Iraq to Greece for proper medical treatment. This project will stay active, covering all Iraq until the medical facilities and equipment are ready and sufficient in Iraq.

Al Khashlok Group is establishing educational centers to help the young and elderly, especially Iraqi women giving them a greater opportunity of participating in the Iraqi Community by providing general education courses.

The foundation for charity of Dr. Awn Hussein Al Khashlok in Qalat Sukkar continue to provide, in its own facilities, hospitality, rest and food for people in need of it.