Dr. Awn Hussein Al-Khashlok Born in Qalat Sukkar town in the Dhi Qar Governorate, Iraq, He is the third son of Hajj Hussein Al-Khashlok, a well-known merchant in the Southern Region of Iraq. During the first half of the 20th Century the Family was trading grain and dates in Basra and Nasiriyah and exporting goods to the States of the Arab Gulf and neighboring countries. Al Khashlok Family belongs to Banu ‘Omer which is part of Rabi`ah tribes.

After finishing high-school in 1979, He, successfully obtained BSc, his Master and PhD in Civil Engineering, and founded Al Khashlok Group in 1987. Dr. Awn Hussein Al-Khashlok continues the growth of Al Khashlok Group, following the steps of his Father Hajj Hussein Al-Khashlok, and developed its activities all over the world, investing in various business activities driving the Group into a continuous Expansion and Success. The Group concentrates on Trading, Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Investments and Media/TV Broadcasting. Al Khashlok Group is operating in Europe, USA, UK, and Africa, UAE, Turkey and other countries.